Tag der Raumfahrt 2009

Together with the DLR Technology Marketing S.E.A. presented new developments, e.g. the joint product 2Indicate. Since 2012 our company has discontinued distribution of this software. Contact now DLR.

Our booth was attended by prime minister of Nordrhein-Westfalen Jürgen Rüttgers and state secreary at federal ministry of economy and technology Hintze.

left to right: Dr. Gerd Schmitz, Dr. Jürgen Rüttgers, Dr. Rolf Dieter Fischer (DLR), Peter Hintze, Wolfram Koerver

Research and Development

S.E.A. is an experiences partner for the Research and Development sector.

Distributed CompactRIOTM Measurement Systems

are used in field tests to acquire operating data of energy self sufficient faucets. For the powerFLUID project, ponsored by BMFT, Grohe AG tests, how faucets behave under different climatic conditions and changing water quality. more...

Checkout System for Satellite Integration

modern satellites are complex technical structures, which require their own infrastructure including e.g. energy supply, cooling and heating. This infrastructure is monitored and controlled by a web interface. more...

Data Acquisition and Evaluation Software for Experiments on Parabola Flights

including mission support for experiments which monitor liquid material samples under zero gravity condition. more...

We would be glad to give you further information on request. Please contact us.

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