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Machinery manufacture is one of the leading branches in Germany? About 900.000 employees an Germany and 300.000 abroad generate a turnover or about 130 Mrd. € in about 6.600 medium sized companies.

From: Maschinenbau; in Wikipedia, Die freie Enzyklopädie. 30 December, 2009, 11:11 UTC.

Your machine gets

by a measurement and control system of S.E.A.

Machinery Manufacture

Industrial control and monitoring systems base on the acquisition of precise and realtime meaurements. S.E.A. includes measurement and test systems into machines.

These systems include as well sensors and hardware for data acquisition as the software for machine control and evaluation. S.E.A. includes PCs and realtime systems. Our measurement and control software makes your system flexible, fast, easy to use and configurable. Our software can be localized an is therefore applicable for worldwide use. This is appreciated espacially by our OEM customers.

The integrated user management allows to work with different levels - operator.s service staff and aministrators work with the same software.

  • Optical and electrical measurement methods are used in the production of electronic components.
  • Sorting bulk goods imaging is used.
  • Engine tests require powerful measurement and data management systems.
  • Construction machines are optimized by measurement systems.
  • The cooling system of a rolling mill is monitored and controlled.

Information about projects in the field of household appliance can be found on the page about Home Appliance.

If you plan to design a new machine or to optimize an existing one which includes a testing station please contact us. We would be glad to inform you about further reference projects.