TestMaster - Platform for Tests in Development

With TestMaster S.E.A. offers a test framework, that matches the requirements of modern electronic tests. more...

Test systems everyone profits of: Household appliances test benches.

Modern domestic appliances are functional, effective and consumer-friendly. To maintain this state they are subjected to a multitude of different quality controls during development. Thereby the focus of testing ranges from hardware to functions, processes, user interfaces as well as environmental influences.

Those state-of-the-art quality controls demand effective and economic test systems and methods. To operate these in the best economic sense, the testing environment needs to be flexible and support different testing methods.

User friendliness combined with a vast variety of functions is a main subject with modern household appliances. Therefore the testing systems are equally challenged to full fill these demands. Interactive test software and a closed testing chain offer simple operation.

S.E.A. realised various projects around household appliances, for different clients.

Examples are:

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