Target Group
    • research
    • development
    • production
      • aviation
      • aerospace
      • transportation
      • aggregates
      • consumer goods
      Business Activities
      • project management
      • design
      • hardware and software development
      Software products and Tools

      Our test beds base on the following software tools:

      S.E.A. Tools


      • NI Teststand
      • NI LabVIEW
      • programming languages as C, JAVA
      • data base technologies

      Operating Systems

      • Windows
      • Linux
      • Real time systems

      Test Bed Technology

      For more than 20 years S.E.A. develops measurement and control technology for test beds. Our software and hardware supports the operators in preparation, execution, and evaluation of test runs.

      Our responsibility begins with sensor selection, integration client / server technology up to visualization and report geenration. We support your reliable and effective solution in each project step.


      S.E.A. offers a wide range of services. For test bed control we offer:
      • signal conditioning and multi channel data acquisition with high data rates
      • integration of industrial measurement and control technology
      • user defined sequences
      • visualization on distributes work stations
      • user and right administration
      • integration of building services management systems

      Data Processing

      Updating or building a test bed requires data management concepts. We support:

      • configuration management
      • report generation
      • test data management
      • data exchange with external IG systems

      Project Examples

      Please contact us to get information about our services. Further applications are described on our projects page.

      Control System for a Rocket Test Bed



      Measurement technology and software for a wind tunnel in the motor sports sector

      Control of a Test Bed for Aircraft Turbines


      Guidance system for wind tunnels with WTCS


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