Target Group
    • development
    • product validation
    • quality ensurance
    • industrial and consumer goods
    • automotive
    • special electronics
    Business Activities
    • project management
    • design and methods
    • hardware and software development
    • system integration

    Software products and Tools

    Our test systems for electronic components base on the following tools:

    S.E.A. Tools


    • NI Teststand
    • NI LabVIEW

    Operating Systems

    • Windows
    • Linux
    • Real time systems

    Laboratory Automation

    An interdisziplinary team with long term experience supports you solving your measurement requirements.

    S.E.A. develops measurement equipment or implements measurements methods. We built up test systems with hardware and software for your measurement task.

    Data processing

    • measurement data acquisition
    • measurement data management
    • evaluation


    • development of measurement methods

    • signal generation
    • logic tests
    • mechanical and electrical test adapters

    • signal analysis and evaluation

    • camera based measurement Messverfahren (optical and thermal)

    Project Applications

    Please contact us for further information. Other applications are described on our projct pages.

    Force and torque tests in the packaging industry


    Automation of production quality control


    Measurement and evaluation software for mobile systems


    Autonomous measurement system with remote control


    Please contact us to get further information.