Facility Control

with TestMaster

Because of its flexibility TestMaster is an essential tool for control of test facilities in development. more...

Software functions

Function panel for error analysis after the test run
Streaming function to replay measurement data
Function for monitoring digital and analog input and output channels.

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Test system for electronic devices (PCB)

The main focus of the test system is validation and functional testing of electronic devices. The tests include electrical parameters and logical functions of the firmware. Device groups can be stimulated externally and output signals can be acquired by the test points on the board. Limits and ranges of the acquired signals can be monitored and stored for verification.

The PCB test system bases on the SEA TestMaster software and the following electrical and mechanical components:

  • Contact adapter for electrical contacting of the devices to be tested,
  • test rig with control and data acquisition components as digital multimeter, power supply and National Instruments CompactDAQ system for signal acquisition and evaluation,
  • test PC and monitor.


The software bases on S.E.A.-TestMaster and Yase. Both bools allow the definition and creation of tests, the test execution, test monitoring, data recording, diagnosis, and creation of XML reports.


Test adapter with exchangeable cassette for contacting the PCBs
  • The device to be tested is electrically contacted by a needle bed adapter. A modular test adapter with a changeable cartridge for the DUTs allows to test several test devices.
  • The control and measurement electronic is located in a test rig. Logic signals and high voltages and frequencies can be measured. The signals are galvanically isolated and voltage resistant up to 300 V.
  • External simulation harware as genuine or simulated loads can be installed by industrial connectors.
  • The test PC is connected with the test system via isolated Ethernet connectors. The system is configurable and therefore applicable for any type of PCB and several test cases.

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