Test adapter to contact samples

Optional Modules

  • contact check
  • current control: 20 mA-1 A (5o Ω)
  • calibration equipment
  • DC measurement option (±2V)
  • connection to local or user defined database
  • pneumatic adapter for automatic tests


  • industrially approved
  • customized system
  • reproducible test results
  • wide dynamic range for tests of nearly all semiconductors
  • high performance test adapter with changeable sample holder for device specific adaptation
  • wide luminance dynamic range
  • various contact pins in size and number available
  • customized test adapter
  • flexible test- and measurement software

Model Specific Options

The test system is also available with a XY table which allows to position the device above the spectrometer. For safety and measurement reasons the measurement system was integrated in a light-proof box.

Test System for IVL Characterization

Scheme of IVL measurements

The IVL Test Plattform is a test system for IVL measurements (current-voltage-luminance) to characterize active optical semiconductor components.

The test system consists of hardware and software for stimulation and measurement and a test adapter for sample bonding - e. g. OLEDs. The metrology for optical and electrical characterization is developed by S.E.A. Measurement of single or multipixel samples is done by a switching concept. The measured data can be stored in ASCII files or in a database system. For each test series a test report can be generated, which represents the product data and measurement results numerically and graphically.

Test system with rack, adapter, PC


The IVL Tester hardware consists of a rack based system, which includes the stimulation and measurement hardware as puls generator, multiplexer, and measurement electronics. The test adapter allows the manual or automatic bonding of different samples.

For production testers field bus interfaces for integration in a product line are provided.


The software allows the control of the complete measurement and test process. Predefined test sets and sequences can be stored and reused. The software offers an intuitive user interface with various options to create individual test sets. The software bases on TestMaster.

Technical data

maximum sample size variable
test contacts Standard:Maximum 192
electrical system characteristics
stimulation voltage 2-100 V, if resistance > 1 kΩ (1-50V) (50 Ω); device dependent current (AC/DC): 0-2 A
luminance 1 cd/m2 to 200000 cd/m2
measurement range 0,1 μA - 1 A


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