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YASE Sequencer

With YASE S.E.A. provides a powerful sequencer that allows to create test and run test sequences which can easily be adjusted for several samples and test cases. mehr...

Test System for Components with Wireless Communication

With the component tester a complete system is available which allows testing of components for wireless communication. Typical applications are:

  • validation
  • qualification
  • development of hardware and software.


The operation is done via a familiar Windows®based interface in which the signals interactively controlled and displayed.
The test modeling is done on the basis of TestMaster® sequences in XML format. The software is characterized by the following features:

Hardware Abstraction

  • reusability of the test routine also with modified hardware
  • replacement of the hardware without a large influence on defined tests
  • extensibility
  • configurability

Interactive access to the signals

User-definable test routines as sequences

Operation via various operation systems

  • test operation based on Windows® user interface
  • deterministic high precision of test execution with real-time

    • – real-time: less than 10 ms
    • – FPGA: less than 1 μs

Hardware-In-the-Loop (HIL)-Simulation in FPGA possible


Main Structure

  • integrated 19“ rack
  • RF shield box for test object > 40 dB shielding
  • real- time  PXI-System
  • industrial PC

RF Properties

All modulations and line codes are defined in software and on demand expandable:

  • 0 to 2,7 GHz Software Defined Radio (SDR)
  • transmit/receive-mode
  • implemented modulations

    • − analog modulations FM, AM
    • − digital modulations 2-FSK, 2-ASK/OOK,2-/4-/8-PSK

  • line codes: NRZ-L,NRZM, Manchester
  • de-/modulation in real-time
  • spectrum analysis



  • All the features and functional modules of the TestMaster®
    software platform can be integrated, e.g.

    • − modules for image processing (display inspection)
    • − control of bus simulation and support of diagnostic protocols

  • integration of self-defined LabVIEWTM software-code
  • additional modulation and coding procedures
  • control of almost any specific hardware


Hardware Interfaces

  • 24 x digital out galvanically isolated
  • 8 x digital in galvanically isolated
  • programmable power supply
  • RS-232, I2C, SPI to the unit under test
  • CAN/LIN on request

Integration Interfaces

  • extensive configurability by logical signal names
  • data interfaces for testing and test reports in XML
  • support for multiple configurations
  • test-bend integration via TCP/IP (z.B. XML-RPC) or discrete


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