Main features:

  • Power ranges: 10 to 180 kW,
  • with voltage ranges up to 2,000 V and test currents of up to 480 A.
  • Energy efficiency through regenerative capability
  • Modular design with standardized assemblies
  • Easy test bench configuration and test sequence generation using TestMaster Test Management Software for quick adaptation to changing test requirements
  • Supports both automated and manual test sequences
  • Integration into existing automation systems e.g. via EtherCAT
  • Battery Sensing for fast and precise charge and discharge cycles
  • Communication with battery management (BSM) via CAN or Ethernet
  • Digital multimeter for precise measurement of voltage, current and temperature
  • Insulation tests up to 6 kV with automatic ground connection of all signal lines of the test object
  • Integration of any other measurement technology components
  • User administration

Battery Test System P 280 -200

Physical structure

The battery test system P280-200 is a stand-alone system which can be used in the development as well as in the production of battery modules and systems.

  • Modular test systems with scalable power classes from 10 to 180 kW for testing battery cells, battery modules and battery systems
  • Flexible software-based control of test functions for both development and production
  • Test of battery performance parameters, battery management, communication via CAN, Bluetooth or WLAN, digital and analog peripherals (IO signals)
  • High voltage insulation test up to 6 kV
    Batterietestsystem P480-1000 Details Dokument

    Battery Test System P 280 - 200