Main features:

  • Power ranges: 10 to 180 kW,
  • with voltage ranges up to 2,000 V and test currents of up to 480 A.
  • Energy efficiency through regenerative capability
  • Modular design with standardized assemblies
  • Easy test bench configuration and test sequence generation using TestMaster Test Management Software for quick adaptation to changing test requirements
  • Supports both automated and manual test sequences
  • Integration into existing automation systems e.g. via EtherCAT
  • Battery Sensing for fast and precise charge and discharge cycles
  • Communication with battery management (BSM) via CAN or Ethernet
  • Digital multimeter for precise measurement of voltage, current and temperature
  • Insulation tests up to 6 kV with automatic ground connection of all signal lines of the test object
  • Integration of any other measurement technology components
  • User administration

High Voltage Battery Test System

The increasing use of electric drive systems both in the automotive industry and in transportation requires the development of new high-performance energy storage systems. In order to support you in the development and production of these systems, S.E.A. develops individually configurable test systems which are scalable and can be used flexibly for the respective requirements.

  • Modular test systems with scalable power classes from 10 to 180 kW for testing battery cells, battery modules and battery systems
  • Flexible software-based control of test functions for both development and production
  • Test of battery performance parameters, battery management, communication via CAN, Bluetooth or WLAN, digital and analog peripherals (IO signals)
  • High voltage insulation test up to 6 kV

    P 480 -100

    Physical structure

    Battery-Test System P 480 – 1000

    The P480-1000 battery test system is a scalable high-performance test system consisting of a central power unit with power supply units and electronic loads and up to four mobile test stations. The test stations contain the necessary measurement technology and the PC terminal with touch screen for operating the test bench. The modular concept, the common use of power supply units and loads as well as the regenerative capability of the loads enables an extremely cost-efficient operation of the entire test system both in the development and in the production of battery systems. The required power is switched to the respective test station via a specially developed high-performance switching matrix.


    P 280 - 200

    Physical structure

    Battery-Test System P 280 - 200

    The P280-200 battery test system is a stand-alone system that can be used both in the development and production of battery modules and systems.



    Manually guided test procedure of a battery system

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