SEA LTE-V Add-On for LabVIEW -
RF-Compliance API

Measurement and Validation of 3GPP PC5-Based Comm. for V2X


Part Number: 66000031

The SEA LTE-V Add-On for LabVIEW - RF-Compliance API delivers unique access to the measurement of 3GPP PC5-based standard for the V2X (Vehicle-to-Anything) communication based on NI hardware platform.


  • Measure RF signals, validate and check for standard compliance - all in parallel!
  • Apply typical RF measurement and analysis methods.
  • Validate conformity of RF signals to international standards.
  • Take advantage of calibrated measurements in combination with the NI PXI/VST platform.
  • Use the same hardware for parallel LTE-V communication, manipulation and measurement.

This software provides RF-measurement and validation of the RF signals against the standard.
It enables the development of LabVIEW applications that require in-depth RF signal analysis and validation of the 3GPP PC5 standard (e.g. validation, compliance on the RF signal layer) providing a simple & light-weight functions palette for programmers.
Measurement functions such as Spectral Mask, Carrier Leakage, Carrier Frequency Offset (CFO), Error Vector Magnitude (EVM), Spectrum Flatness, Channel Power (CHP), Occupied Bandwidth (OBW), etc. are provided.
The 3GPP standards TS 36.521-1 / TS 36.521-3 are supported for conformance analysis. The respective limit values defined by the standards are accessible by the API for easy use.
Hardware platforms supported: NI PXI system w/ NI PXIe-5644R + NI USRP-294xR/295xR (and optional a timing card NI PXIe-6683H) or NI USRP-2953/54R.
NI/S.E.A. will be happy to support you with the selection of the appropriate hardware and application of the toolkit.

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