Free Software

For the operation of the cRIO modules a software driver is needed, which can be downloaded for free. This integrates the cRIO module completely in a LabVIEW project.

Mobile Network Operators (MNO)

In order to access mobile services such as data transfer, e-mails or SMS a contract with a mobile network operator (MNO: Mobile Network Operator) is always required. With most standard contracts text messages (SMS) can be sent or received. For data transmission, it is necessary that the SIM card has been activated for the usage of data services. Commonly the connection to mobile networks is free of charge. You only pay for the transmitted data volume. Depending on your mobile service contract plan, unlimited data volume transfer may be free of charge. It is always worth checking the web page of the local mobile network operator to get more information which mobile technology is available.

Selection Guide for GSM/GPS cRIO Modules

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Mobile Communications

The mobile radio technology allows a worldwide mobile communication. Currently, there are digital mobile networks in three different generations: 2G (GSM, GPRS, EDGE), 3G (UMTS, HSPA) and 4G (LTE), which are operated by mobile network operators (MNO). The term GSM denotes a cellular network of the second generation and is also used synonymously for all generations of mobile communications.

All SEA cRIO Modules for Mobile Communication

Application Region
SEA 9741 3G/2G Mobile Communication, GPS
High Performance      
SEA 9744 4G/3G/2G, Mobile Communication, GPS
SEA 9745 4G/3G/2G, Mobile Communication, GPS  
= worldwide use = approval for this country
= no approval for this country  EOL! = Product is stated End-of-Life

Key Features

  • Wide range of use cases by a considerable number of product types
  • Wireless access to the CompactRIO systems as an alternative to ethernet
  • Backward-compatibility with previous mobile generations
  • GPS receiver for time synchronization and geolocation
  • Some modules with connector for external GPS receiver
  • Software drivers for LabVIEW along with included examples

Customer Testimonial for S.E.A. Mobile Communiction Modules

SEA 9745 4G/GPS Communication Module

Brian Hirth, Ph.D.
Research Professor

National Wind Institute , Texas Tech University

We have 48 S.E.A. 4G modules that we use to transmit real-time data from portable weather stations that are deployed into severe thunderstorms and hurricanes for research and informative purposes. In particular, the hurricane application benefits both the public and private sectors as in many cases our weather observations are among the only observations available in the most impacted areas of hurricane landfalls. We are very satisfied with the 4G/GPS Communications modules we have received. They have been very reliable, work great and the support has been fantastic as well.

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