cRIO Mounting Kit and CompactRIO system

For the  SEA 9210 Multifunction I/O Module we offer digital sensors for measurement of various phys. quantities (temperature, acceleration...), which are very easy to integrate into a CompactRIO system. The Digital Sensor Toolkit simplifies the integration into a LabVIEW application – without the need to program the communication protocol layer.


In addition to the cRIO modules S.E.A. offers various accessories., which are designed for use with the cRIO modules. It is recommended to use the original S.E.A. accessories to avoid possible misconduct or destruction of the cRIO modules. you will find a selection of antennas, cables and amplifiers for various applications at

SEA Accessories for cRIO Modules

  • Antennas with magnetic base for temporary mounting on metal surfaces. These antennas are easy to attach and remove and well suited for mobile use. The performance is sufficient for most applications. The range is up to 5 meters (distance between antenna and module
  • Antennas for permanent mounting using a screw fixation. These antennas are suitable for continuous operation at buildings or vehicles (e.g. trains, buses).There are special antennas that combine multiple technologies (GSM, GPS WLAN) in one housing. Due to the partially higher amplification also ranges of several tens of meters can be realized.
  • Antennas with external amplifier for e.g. trains
  • Antennas for marine (.i.e. ships) use.
  • Directional antennas to span longer distances
  • Cable extensions with matching connectors
  • cRIO Mounting Kit
  • Software tool kits (see National Instruments Tools Network)
  • SEA Digital Sensors


If you do not find the desired part in our shop, so please ask us. We will find a suitable solution for you..