BMX Accesories


To integrate the BMX platform into your OEM application we can provide you with mechanical and electrical accessories like enclosures, antennas and cabling.

We have specialized enclosures which are IP65 and IP67 safe, or can be designed for your specific requirements.


BMX board assembly in a water and RF shielded enclosure with IP67 rating.

This anodized aluminum enclosure is designed for robust indoor use, or build into in vehicles . The cover plate can be delivered with or without display.


Special active indoor or outdoor antennas can be delivered which match exactly to the BMX platform. These multi-band antennas have combined GSM/3G/WLAN and GPS antennas in one single antenna enclosure. The antenna can be mounted directly onto the BMX enclosure or are available with cabling for outdoor mounting.


SEA BMX-Modules


The BMX® measurement and control platform consists of a BMX® base board and a sbRIO board from National Instruments. As such it can be programmed with LabVIEW 2011 RT and LabVIEW 2011 FPGA. If you are familiar with programming of LabVIEW on a CompactRIO platform from National Instruments, it will be easy to transfer and adapt your program to the BMX® platform. We supply additional LabVIEW API Vis to access add-on board specific functions. The complete LabVIEW application software is stored in the onboard flash memory, and can be remotely exchanged or updated via WLAN or 3G network.
Of course we are able to develop your complete application or support you in your development.
If you rely on our BMX® hardware platform, we can supply you also with the network and server infrastructure to automate secure data transfers to a central location.


Remote Data Exchange Software

Our Remote Data Exchange Software is a software package for the remote data exchange to and from BMX systems, and is a specialized tool chain to automate the data exchange without having to program special transfer functions. The Software consists of two parts, a server side software (server) and a remote system software (client). The client software consists of very few LabVIEW Vis, you just have to add these to your application program. These simple Vis contain a transfer engine which encrypts and transfers data files to the server or vice versa.

See: Remote Server Data Exchange platform

Quick Specs:

Size :

150mm * 115mm * 44mm


2 * CAN-Ports (1Mbit)

Weight :

approx.: 310g1 * LIN Bus Port

Power Supply :

9-30V DC1 * K-Line Port

Operating Temperature Range:

-40…70 deg C
(analog & digital)

2 * RS232 Ports


-20…+60 deg C (communication)

2 * Rs485 Ports

Memory :

128 MB Flash, 256MB RAM

8 * Analog Input +-5V/+-10V 20kHz

Programming :

LabVIEW 2011 RT and LabVIEW 2011 FPGA required

4 * Analog Input 0-20mA, 5kHz

4 * Analog Output +-5 V, +-10 V


8 * Digital In


8* Digital Out

For detailed specifications please contact us.



BMX Modules

ModultypeFunctionsOrder number
BMX-10BMX-PCB , Analog and Digital Functions67000100
BMX-20BMX-PCB , Analog and Digital Functions, with GSM-Engine67000200
BMX-30BMX-PCB , Analog and Digital Functions, with WLAN-Engine67000300
BMX-50BMX-PCB , Analog and Digital Functions, with GSM-Engine, WLAN-Engine67000500