Remote Data Exchange Software

 Our Remote Data Exchange Software is a software package for the remote data exchange to and from BMX systems, and is a specialized tool chain to automate the data exchange without having to program special transfer functions. The software package consists of two parts, a server side software (server) and a remote system software (client). The client software consists of very few LabVIEW Vis, you just have to add these to your application program. These simple Vis contain a transfer engine which encrypts and transfers data files to the server or vice versa.

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The remote data exchange server software acquires data from remote systems and stores these per system in dedicated directories. With a web browser you can view, monitor or download data files from the remote systems.

Data files which are stored on the remote systems flash drive are automatically transferred to the central server in a dedicated directory for the specific system. To allow a safe data transfer via public networks, the data file is encrypted for transfer. Each transfer is initiated either cyclic or on event basis.

Multiple remote systems automatically contact the server and register the remote system with a unique Id. Thus they can be identified.

For each customer we supply a dedicated server, thus nobody else can have access to your data. On request you can integrate the server side software into your existing IT –infrastructure to perform remote data analysis based on your existing tools or to integrate the management into your existing web portal.

If you have only very few systems you can rent our server side infrastructure, or if you require having your own server, we will supply you with a licensed VM-ware image for your application.

If you need more information about our Remote Data Exchange server software services just contact us.