• Monitor grid performance and degradation
  • Monitor solar, wind and biogas plants
  • Monitor pipelines and compressor or gas stations
  • Requires: RS485, Analog IO, Digital IO (CAN)

BMX - The Embedded Monitoring and Control Platform for the Energy and Supply market

Monitor performance of public utilities in the energy and supply market.

Use distributed measurement systems to acquire usage and sensor data, compile and extract information and provide these data to a central data collector.

The measurement of wind turbine efficiency or the early failure detection of networks and grids can optimize operation. The real-time measurement of parameters and data from geo-thermal or solar energy fields can be transmitted to the operational center.

BMX can supply independent sensor measurements of power inverter stations. Water and utility operators will be able to remotely supervise and detect water levels, or pressure data of pipelines and reservoirs. Synchronize distributed measurements via precise GPS time and synchronization infrastructure.

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