• real-time monitoring

The Remote Data Exchange serversRemote Server Software which are distributed in the web, compile trip data and statistics from these failures. Each remote data logger can thus be monitored and compared with systems on board of other vehicles. Statistical data as well as additional quality data files can be provided by all remote systems. The wireless transfer of datafiles can be either via WiFi connection in the depot or online via public mobile networks.

To do this with the approach of classical programming languages it would be an enormous time and cost factor, with ambiguous outcome.

The integrated BMX platform can be completely programmed in the programming language LabVIEW from national Instruments. This reduces the development time for the monitoring application significantly. As the LabVIEW environment is also available for programming with a standard desktop PC, the developer can simulate and test the complete application offline.

BMX ® - The Embedded Monitoring and Control Platform for the Automotive Sector

Use the BMX® monitoring and control platform for logging of vehicle data in automotive applications. Acquire data from two independent CAN busses and one LIN bus. Filter CAN telegrams and store acquired CAN data on the systems flash drive. Readout K-Line data via the serial port or acquire analog sensor data with up to 20kHz per channel.
Acquire performance data and track vehicle position with High Sense GPS receiver realtime monitoring


During the development and testing phase, but also during normal operation of cars or trucks it is essential that a larger test fleet can be carefully monitored in daily use. Failures of components like engines, ECUs or sensors can cause a complete failure. The early detection of those events can provide a short term warning of a possible breakdown of the vehicle and provide a failure forecast.

To monitor any failure the CAN-bus telemetry of the vehicle is continuously monitored and filtered for specific failure events. These events are stored in the ECU electronics and can be readout by the monitoring system or real-time CAN messages are stored together with short term history data in the local flash memory of the BMX® platform.

Based on the events, it can be that the logging interval must be changed to higher acquisition rate or a monitoring of other related parameters becomes necessary. Analog data like pressures, temperatures etc. can be acquired and monitored in parallel.

To allow a quick look or even a direct intervention, these data are automatically transferred to the engineer”™s office desk for further analysis. To achieve this, a special LabVIEW remote server Toolkit for BMX® provides the necessary functions. This toolkit automates the upload of stored data either cyclic or on event directly to the central data server. The Remote Data Exchange platform provides a secure and safe transfer via encrypted telemetry links.

BMX - 500 PCB assembly

The challenge of such a project is, to have a small, integrated and ruggedized product like BMX, which can be put easily into a free compartment within the truck or car. A single connector connects directly to the prepared CAN and sensor harness. The system then just requires a magnet mount antenna and a DC power connection. The development of the application software to monitor and measure can also be a challenge. Parameters, sample rates and event detection algorithms must be developed. The software and the parameters must be adapted during the lifetime of a system, either due to new requirements or unforeseen failure events. The exchange of application parameters or even the complete software from remote becomes a must.

Due to the separate communication controller, the remote deployment and even debugging of the complete application software from remote is now possible.

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