CompactRIO system with National Instruments IO and CAN module, S.E.A. ARINC429, BiSS, EnDat, LIN, 3G and WLAN modules with Renishaw angle encoder and Hengstler rotary encoder.


News 2013

Oktober 2013 - S.E.A. presents new cRIO Modules: the SEA 9210 Health Status Module and the S.E.A. 9754 LTE 4G Communication Module for the new Zync-based NI cRIO-9068 controller
April 2013 - National Instruments Alliance Day 2013: S.E.A. wins the Technical Innovation Award 2013
February 2013 - Press release: S.E.A. is presenting the SEA 9521 BiSS interface module for the NI CompactRIO platform. The interface module allows developers of control and test systems to link position encoders directly to CompactRIO measurement devices