At Aero 2007 S.E.A. and DLR present 2Indicate - a toolbox for the development of dynamic displays.

News 2007

November 2007 - S.E.A. and Werum Software & Systems AG present their products and solutions around testing on the "Professional Motorsport World Expo 2007" in Cologne.
September 2007 - The Localization Toolkit LTK for LabVIEW is validated as „Compatible with LabVIEW“ by National Instruments.
August 2007 - S.E.A. opens a branch in Muenster.
- At NI-Week in Austin S.E.A. presents wo new products, the LabVIEW Localization Toolkit LTK and the SEA cRIO LIN module for CompactRIO.
June 2007 - The project „Evaluation of the Acceptance of Safety Belts in coaches" of the "Forschungsverbund Verkehrstechnik und Verkehrssicherheit" at ESV Conference in Lyon. A CompactRIO system with a cRIO Mobile Gxxx module enables remote data acquisition and position control.
April 2007 - At Aero 2007 in Friedrichshafen S.E.A. and DLR present the 2Indicate, a development toolkit for dynamic displays.
February 2007 - S.E.A. releases the new cRIO xLAN module with WLAN/WiFi and switching function.