Module Versions

The Wi-Fi module is available in the following versions: 

      • cRIO WLAN module (Order no. 60000009)
      • cRIO WLAN module JP - Japan version, (Order no. 60000035)

      Starter Kit

      Starting to work with wireless communication with the WLAN module we recommend to use the starter kit. This includes:

      • cRIO WLAN module incl. bridge cable
      • WLAN router
      • WLAN antenna for magnetic mounting
      • Ethernet cable (2 m)

      SEA 9711 and SEA 9712 WLAN Communication Modules

      cRIO WLAN Modules for Compact RIOTM or R-Series Expansion

      SEA 9711 Order Number 60000009
      SEA 9712 Order Number 60000035 (JP)

      SEA cRIO WLAN module

      The S.E.A. cRIO WLAN module offers not only wireless technology but also an  additional ethernet switch. With a cRIO WLAN module the complete Ethernet functionality of the CompactRIO controller can be used wireless - this includes programming, program execution, TCP/IP data transfer and much more.

      The build-in Ethernet switch allows the connection of two additional Ethernet devices to the CompactRIO Plattform.

      The SEA cRIO-WLAN module can now also be used with National Instruments  Ethernet CompactDAQ and National Instruments CompactRIO.


      cRIO WLAN Module extents the CompactRIOTM platform with wireless network functionality according to 802.11b/g with up to 54MBit/s. There are two free additional Ethernet ports available to connect other network devices. Module has 3 Ethernet connectors with 10/100MBit/s. The CompactRIO controller is connected via a bridge cable with the cRIO WLAN module, and so all standard TCP/IP functions of LabVIEW RT can be used to access the network. The data transmission is done with encryption standards AES/WPA/PSK with 64/128bit. The module needs no FPGA programming, and thus no FPGA space. Configuration Software for LabVIEW 8.x/9.x

      Technical Data


      # of Ethernet ports Twisted Pair 10/100 MBit /s


      WLAN frequencies  [GHz]


      Network mode


      Power Supply

      Supply voltage[V DC] frontpanel connector

      7 - 30

      Supply current average [mA] at 12 V


      Supply current peak [mA] at 12 V


      Supply voltage backplane [V]


      Supply current backplane [mA]


      Environmental Conditions

      Operating temperature range [° C]

      -40 to + 60

      Relative humidity [%] non condensing

      10 to 90

      Size [mm]

      80 x 88 x 323

      Weight [g]



      Accessories for this module are available in our shop .


      cRIO WLAN Downloads cRIO WLAN Downloads -
      cRIO WLAN freie Downloads cRIO WLAN freie Downloads -

      Access to all downloadable files:

      Shop Info

      Scope of Delivery

      • Driver software
      • VIs and programming examples for LabVIEW 2011 and higher
      • Manual

      These files are available for download.

      Shop info

      Our modules and the respective accessories can be ordered in our Shop. The SEA cRIO WLAN module has the order number 60000009.


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