Starter Kit

cRIO Gxxx Starter Kit

Starting with wireless communication we recommend to use a start kit. The kit includes:

  • cRIO Gxxx Mobile module
  • GSM antenna for magnetic mounting
  • GPS antenna for magnetic mounting including cable
  • power cable
  • user manual
  • LabVIEW driver software with programming examples

SEA 9705 GSM / GPS Communication Module

for Compact RIO or R-Series Expansion 

Order Number 60000067

SEA cRIO 9705 Mobile modules offer solutions for measurement and supervision applications, which can not be connected to data networks otherwise. The modules allow to control and monitor not accessible and mobile measurement systems remotely by mobile telephone networks.

For exact position determination or time information additionally a high sense 50 channel GPS receiver is available. Distributed systems can be precisely time synchronized by absolute timing information or relative PPS sync pulses.

Please note:
(2G) module must not be operated in the U.S. American network AT & T. Instead, a 3G module must be used.
This module can not be used with National Instruments CompactDAQ. The module does not support (W)-CDMA)


cRIO Combo module with combined GPS and GSM functionality. Supports worldwide data transfer with multi-band technology via GPRS and EDGE protocol with the following frequencies: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz. SMA antenna connector for GSM. SIM card reader with lock mechanism. Module supplies accurate time and position data via the build in 50-channel GPS receiver with a programmable update rate of up to 4Hz. The module supplies a PPS pulse output (TTL) via a front panel connector, but can also route the PPS signal to the backplane.

Technical data



GMS frequencies [MHz]

850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz

GSM protocolls

GPRS Class 12, EDGE Class 12


GPS Update rate [Hz]

up to 4

Programmable pulse output

Frontpanel connector (TTL), Backplane

GPS antenna power supply [V/mA]

3.3/max. 40

Power Supply

Supply Voltage

7 - 30 VD C FP connector

Supply Current Average [mA] at 12 V


Supply current Peak [A] at 12 V


Supply voltage backplane [A]


Supply current backplane [mA]



GSM connector


GPS antenna connector



Operating temperature range [° C]

*Range I: -30... +60

*Range II: -30... +45

Relative humidity [%] non condensing

10 to 90

Weight [g]


Size [mm]

80 x 88 x 23


*Range I: Active Data Transmission with duty cycle of 30% per hour; Range II: No limitation


Accessories for this module are available in our shop.


Shop Info

Scope of Delivery

  • Driver software
  • VIs and programming examples for LabVIEW 8.x/9.x
  • Manual

These files are available for download.

Shop info

Our modules and the respective accessories can be ordered in our Shop. The SEA cRIO Gxxx module has the order number 60000067.


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